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“Life is about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life.” - Ray Lewis

We help students make right decisions to be successful in life

In the last century, success mantra was – work hard, do well in the exams, get entry into a premier institutes in a prized course (like Medicine, Engineering, MBA) and enjoy life-long success. In today’s digital world, resources are available to everybody to do well in the exams. Students are working extremely hard and parents are making immense sacrifices. As a result, the competition has increased many folds. There is a continuous inflation of marks in the exam and narrower academic difference between students. Working hard is not going to be differentiator any more. We need to think and act smarter. In today’s competitive world, to be successful, students need to

1. Leverage his/her natural talents, interests and personality traits (everyone has talents! We just fail to discover)
2. Carefully decide on the right course and college that is best-fit for her/him (choices are too many today!)
3. Study most efficiently and effectively using her/his learning style (Study in a way your brain works best!)
4. Develop overall profile depicting qualities need for the career path (just academic profile is not enough!)

At RiteWay, we help students -

1. Select right streams for 11th -12th grade.
2. Select right course combination for 11th-12th grade.
3. Identify your natural talents, interests and personality & right jobs that will suit you
4. Identify ways to effectiveness of your learning
5. Identify right college, course for you (Best colleges that you can get in)
6. By providing step-by-step guidance for admission to colleges in India, USA, Canada & Australia
7. Develop overall profile which will give advantage in their chosen career path (projects, events, field trips, internships!)

We would like to help youngsters of today to be successful and satisfied in tomorrow’s world.

Just call us. We will explain our services and guide your child to be ready for the new world!